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Georgia, Land of Gold and Faith. The Power of Christian Identity

- Exhibition Piazza A5 Curated by Marilyn Kelly, Giorgio Buccellati and the National Museum of Tbilisi in Georgia. With the collaboration of Marco Rossi, Alessandro Rovetta, Giovanni Santambrogio and some students of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan. With the collaboration of the Arts High School of the Sacred Heart Foundation in Milan, the Don Gnocchi High School in Carate Brianza and High School Rosmini of Domodossola.

Georgia is a remote and inhospitable land situated in the second highest mountain range in Europe; nonetheless, it adopted Christianity as a religion in the first half of the 4th century and art and architecture in the country flourished with it. The exhibition is aimed at showing the detailed and unique richness of Georgian tradition. Due to the country’s geographical isolation, Georgian art has developed its own realistic style and themes, which are in concordance with the frescos’ and icons’ hieratic spirituality of Byzantine art. Georgian art is now inspired by its tradition and seeks a new life in the deep roots of its identity, still unspoilt despite the Soviet period.