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Meeting exhibitions year 2017

Exhibition - Piazza A5

Exhibition sponsored by the Custody of the Holy Land and the Meeting for Friendship Amongst Peoples Foundation. Special thanks to Br. Stéphane Milovitch, Sara Cibin and Marie Armelle Beaulieu for organizing and preparing the exhibit. With the collaboration of ATS Pro Terra Sancta and the scientific contribution of the Studium Biblicum Franciscanum.

Exhibition - Piazza A5

RUSSIA 1917. The broken dream of an “undiscovered world” Curated by the Russia Cristiana Foundation – Marta Carletti, Adriano Dell’Asta, Giovanna Parravicini (texts). Angelo Bonaguro (images). Francesco Braschi (coordination). With the collaboration of AIC Italian Association of Cultural Centres.

Exhibition - Piazza A1

Curated by Giuseppe Castellani, Camillo Gardini, Simone Pizzagalli, Giancarlo Utili, Valter Vannucci. Artistic project by Empresa Creativa.