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Contacts and staff

Foundation Meeting for Friendship amongst peoples. Telephone number: 0541 783100

Name and SurnameRule
Emilia Guarnieri President
Sandro Ricci Director
Maria Angela Matteoni Secretary General
Marco Aluigi Congress Manager
Nicoletta Rastelli Public Relations Manager
Francesco Rainone Sales and Marketing Manager
Alessandra Vitez Exhibition Manager
Stefano Pichi Sermolli Press and Communications Office Manager
Otello Cenci Performing Arts Manager
Donatella Magnani Volunteers Office Manager
Roberto Gambuti Administration Manager
Stefano Ferri Project Engineering Manager
Franco Sammarini General Service Manager
Matteo Tamagnini Sport Office Manager
Raffaella Ottaviani Kid's Village Manager
Marco Pacelli Technical Office Manager

In accordance with Italian Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 on privacy policy, we inform you that the personal data that the Meeting for Friendship Among Peoples Foundation gathers from you can be processed for secretarial or for file archive purposes, so as to ensure you the rights reserved by law.