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About us

What the Meeting is. How the Meeting was born, its history, events, the most important moments of each year.

Statute. A summary of the statutes of the association.

Sponsors. The Meeting, thanks to nearly thirty years of history and recognized media value, has always represented for many businesses the ideal event for a sponsorship or an institutional and promotional presence. Each year over 200 businesses, public or private, invest in the Meeting. Here you will find all the information and details you need to invest in the Meeting.

Promotion. The Meeting friends have always promoted it. You can play your part: download the promotional and information material or ask for delivery of brochures, placards, posters and much else to promote the Meeting in your own town.

Contacts and staff. The staff of the Meeting and a form to enable you contact the office you need.

Where we are. All the instructions and explanations you need to contact the headquarters of the Meeting and the location where the event will be held

Link. A series of useful web addresses divided by type.