The right path

A witness from Meeting '18

In our lives we are always waiting for experiences that change our point of view, some want their faith restored in humanity. I always wanted the latter.

Before coming to Italy, my take on life was very different. I waited four years to have an overwhelming experience, something that would restore my faith in life and in June of 2018 I found out about the Meeting Foundation, an event that takes place every year in Rimini's Fair. When I read more about it I thought to myself: «Is that even possible? A large gathering of people from around the world, talking about friendship, kindness and acceptance?». Three concepts that I have been desperately looking for everywhere I went. And during my two month collaboration with this great foundation, I made a lot of friends, witnessed kindness and I was accepted for who I was.

For me the Meeting was an amazing experience where I found people who cared about so many issues and problems which are considered trivial in many societies now a days. And after a four-year long search, it finally felt like home, I didn’t feel like a stranger anymore, and for that I’m grateful. It helped to get back on the right path, the whole experience reminded why I became a journalist in the first place, and it believed In me even where I gave up believing in myself.

In every person’s career there are people who push us towards the success. I got the chance to write in the Quotidiano Meeting because of these people. They gave me the opportunity to come out of my shell and embrace my abilities that I thought I didn’t have. And it keeps reminding me of that quote from the "Modern family" show: «No one wins anything without help from family and friends who steer you away from bad ideas and toward good ones».

Because every time anyone accomplishes anything he or she achieves it with the help of a thousand silent heroes, the selfless team players who offer their support, not to be recognized, but because it’s the right thing to do.