What moves the history?

July-August issue of the Meeting

Traces, the monthly magazine of the movement of Communion and Liberation dedicated the issue of July and August to the themes and titles of the next Meeting: the forces that move the history and their relationship with what fills the heart, the happiness of a man who can change the world.

Cardinal Angelo Scola (who will be present at the Meeting on Wednesday, August 22) spoke about these topics in an interview: «In a fragmented world like ours, in which the different dimensions and the different areas of existence come, at best, juxtaposed», recalled the archbishop emeritus of Milan, «recognizing that there is a link between the history and the 'heart' of every man is essential. It’s always the condition (one of the conditions) to meet someone».

The story of the roots of the Meeting in an interview with the president Emilia Guarnieri, the exhibition on the biblical figure of Job told by his curator Ignacio Carbajosa, the novelty Mesharea, dedicated to the theme of the work, discussion between the president emeritus of the Chamber Luciano Violante and the constitutionalist Andrea Simoncini on what it means to "be Italian".

Other articles include Paul Claudel's Satin slipper that will inspire the inaugural show of the 2018 edition and the story of the experience of Meeting with the Egyptian journalist Sayed Mahmoud.