I’ll tell you a story – Terry

22 October 2021

This year unfortunately I could not attend the Meeting as a volunteer because I had a very busy work.

I arrived at the days of the Meeting absolutely weighed down and very tired for all the worries that work had brought me. It was as if I had an inured heart, an apathetic heart to everything.

Then I arrived to the Meeting and already from the first exhibition, especially in front of the video of Testori’s letter on Pasolini’s death I collapsed... I collapsed in a deep cry because at that moment my heart had been aroused, it was facing a look at the reality that embraced everything and this thing moved me because it was really my thing, it was what I longed-for.

And so it was the whole week, it was a succession of emotions, a succession of hugs.

On the last day, while the Meeting was ending, I stopped at the fundraising desks, something I had never done before and I stopped thinking that this place has so awakened me that I understand that it is really precious for my life, so this place, this gesture as the Meeting must continue.

This is why I have made my donation, with attention and care for something precious to me.

Terry, Rimini