Blangiardo Gian Carlo
Blangiardo Gian Carlo

He was born in Arona, in 1948. In 1994, he became Full Professor of Demography, from the Faculty of Political Science at University of Milan and then in the Faculty of Statistics at the University of Milan “Bicocca”.
In this latter he has been for more mandates the Director of the Department of Statistics and President of the Board of Evaluation. He chaired the Italian Group of Coordination of Demography and was a member of the Scientific Council of the Cultural Project of the C.E.I., the high level of Demography experts at the European Commission Group, the National Observatory Scientific Committee on the Family at the Presidency of Council, the Regional Observatory for minors of the Lombardy Region and the Regional Observatory on Social Exclusion of the Lombardy Region.
He is part of the Steering Committee of the Centre for Studies and Research on the Family at the Catholic University and the Scientific Committee of the ISMU Foundation. He has collaborated and is still engaged in the activity of committees and working groups within the ministerial and regional area on the socio-demographic issues. He has been a member of the Italian delegation to the International Conference on Population organized by the United Nations in Mexico City (1984) and in Cairo (1994).
He collaborates with the newspapers “Avvenire”, “L’Eco di Bergamo”, “Il Sole 24 ore”, “il Sussidiario” “Il Foglio”.

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