Bersanelli Marco
Bersanelli Marco

Marco Bersanelli is Professor of Physics and Astrophysics at the University of Milan.
He deals with observational cosmology, in particular the cosmic microwave background, the first light of the universe.
He worked at LBL, University of California (1986-91) and has participated in two scientific expeditions to the Antarctic base Amundsen-Scott South Pole.
Since 1992, he is on of the main scientific responsible for the Planck space mission, launched in 2009, which he achieved fundamental results for cosmology and astrophysics millimeter.
He was Director of the PhD school of Physics at the University of Milan, he was part of the Italian delegation in the “Science Programme Committee” of ESA and the INAF – Scientific Council.
Since 2012 he is chairman of the Sacred Heart Foundation for the Education of Young.

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