Road to Meeting… Settima Tappa

28 April 2023

“Meet The Meeting is a call for everyone, because it has inside a proposal that is made up of the root of the Meeting itself: a place of friendship and coexistence”

Together with Alessandro from Bresso, one of the many volunteers who have supported him in recent years, we are pleased to announce that MEET THE MEETING returns on Saturday 27 May!

It is the event in which each city becomes the protagonist of the dissemination and knowledge of the Meeting, of the contents of the next edition and at the same time of its support.

Many friends from over 60 cities in Italy and beyond, are already working to create events in support of the 2023 edition of the Meeting.

It is a privileged opportunity to support the Meeting, by donating you will receive an excellent bottle of wine for free!

Visit the website to discover the cities that have already joined!


Of his Meet the Meeting experience, Alessandro tells us that...

“Our history and friendship have always taught us and shown that to do things together we discover more friends, in the truest sense of the relationship, because we share a piece of reality by looking at it and judging it together”

If you also want to bring the Meeting to your city and live together with your friends a wonderful experience, these are the ingredients:

• Passion for the Meeting

• Friends who get involved with you

• Creativity

• Typical wine of your territory

Email us and you will receive all the information to apply for your city!

Take part in the first appointment towards the Meeting 2023!

From today you can donate and receive immediately excellent Sangiovese wine directly from our website.

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