Road to Meeting…fourth stage

9 February 2023

"The human existence is an inexhaustible friendship" is the title of the next Meeting, that will take place at the Rimini Fair from 20 to 25 August 2023. Conferences, exhibitions, shows will interpret this title. Among the many exhibitions that will be proposed, 6, in particular, can be linked by a single red thread that will  set  a provocation on the title of the next edition.

The path starts from the question: what is energy?  Energy is given to us, it cannot be produced, but only transformed and preserved. This fact shows us the first distinctive feature of God's friendship with man. There are various ways in which energy shows itself in nature: from stellar fusion to solar photosynthesis. Man has the task of making it a resource.

This first exhibition opens to a deepening of the relationship between man and the environment, which represents the focus of the second exhibition, where the Canticle of the Creatures of St. Francis shows the beauty of creation as a "common home" to be preserved and cultivated. Man, grasping the relationship with created nature, amazed as in front of a sacred space, is activated and organized together with other men to protect it. The relationship between Man and Nature can be in this way constructive and non-conflictual.

A constructive relationship with the environment is well represented by the path that saw the monks as protagonists, engaged in putting their hands on the initially "hostile" environment, let's think of the swampy areas spread throughout the European territory.

Their experience manifests a conscious relationship of man with nature and obviously leads us to a method, that of the Benedictine monks. In an immediate way, a way of looking at reality and therefore the environment, in its entirety, emerges, creating a synergy between it and man, up to the enhancement of both, with important steps in the field of innovation and work. When you want to enhance nature, even marshy land, therefore apparently useless, can become productive through new innovative methods. The monks then recognized in the work a meaning in some ways new in history: work as an instrument for a realization, intrinsically linked to the achievement of a common good.

But can this meaning still be valid today? What are the needs of young people especially, but not only? Human dignity, work, responsibility are among the ingredients that will make up an exhibition dedicated to the meaning of work.

Work, as a possibility for self-fulfillment and not as pure gain or performance, combined with building together, become factors of growth and development, avoiding dutifulness and loss of a real and profound meaning. Complex work contexts and organizational models tend to isolate people, and work risks losing the dimension of centrality in life as a source of dignity, satisfaction, being part of a community, citizenship, even democracy.

Work, affection, sociality, relationships coexist in city context. Where does an urban regeneration project start? Urban regeneration is an essential method to change and redevelop our cities in a sustainable way. What makes it possible for men to live together for the construction of a place? The rethinking and restructuring of a city are complex processes that involve multiple subjects that collaborate in designing and sometimes rethinking a social environment.

Within the city there are living and aggregation spaces dedicated to the youngest, mainly teenagers, where increasingly widespread phenomena such as drop-out and youth discomfort are also concentrated.  Through the youth wounded humanity emerges what they, like every person, really need: a look of good that allows you to always get up and look at reality and common spaces as a positive hypothesis for the human journey. We will bring to the Meeting the experience of some "works" that in different ways represent an educational proposal, a possibility of a path of growth and recovery for adolescents. This is the case of Portofranco (study aid), Piazza dei Mestieri (professional training and teaching of "trades") and Kairos (for minor prisoners).

We look forward to seeing you at the Meeting 2023 to deepen together the path of these exhibitions and the numerous provocations that the title is arousing us.