Road to Meeting – Seventh stage

30 April 2021

The journey to Meet the Meeting – Towards Meeting 2021, the live streamed preview event taking place on Saturday 15th May, started a month ago and left us truly speechless.

100 cities from Italy (and abroad) got into promoting the event and many of our volunteer friends decided to organise other concomitant events to support the building of the Meeting.

Traditionally, the “Meet the Meeting” event is synonim with fundraising, but also promotion of local delicacies. On this particular occasion you can donate online and receive a bottle of Sangiovese (traditional local wine from Rimini) as our “thank you”. But there is more! If you live in one of our Meet the Meeting cities (check the list here), you can donate, receive their typical wine as a gift and maybe join a local event! Have you checked already?

If you can’t find an event nearby, you can follow the live streaming with your friends on our Meeting Rimini website and on our You Tube Channel, starting at 6.30pm CET. Don’t miss out!

We can already reveal some of our special guests: Prof. Andrea Moro, neuroscientist and author, Federico Mecozzi, musician and composer, who recentely curated, together with Ludovico Einaudi, the original soundtrack for the Academy Awards Winner movies Nomadland and The Father. Then, the actor Paolo Cevoli will surely surprise us, exclusively for the live streaming! The event will have live English translation.

Those are the first ingredients for a great preview event! If you can’t wait for the 15th of May to arrive, you can catch up on the first three “Meeting Foretastes” videos (the forth will be broadcast on May,5th). To accompany them properly... donate now and share a toast with us for the Rimini Meeting!