Ceriscioli Luca

Current President of the Marche Administrative Region since June 2015, and previously Mayor of the City of Pesaro for ten years.
He started his political career as a member of the PDS (Left Democratic Party), which he served in the role of Local Secretary for the city of Pesaro branch. He subsequently joined the newly born Democratic Party (PD).
In the nineties he held his first governamental responsibilities, as District President first and then as Alderman to the Public Works for the City Council of Pesaro.
During his ten years in the role of City Mayor he also served as president of several cultural bodies, including the Rossini Opera Festival, and was part of the Council of Local Autonomies (CAL) of the Marche Administrative Region.

Source: https://www.regione.marche.it/Entra-in-Regione/Istituzione/Presidente

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