Meeting Foretaste – Pasolini’s courage

21 April 2021

Pasolini’s courage is the theme of the second “Meeting Foretaste”. It’s an evocative preview of the exhibition dedicated to Pier Paolo Pasolini that we are staging for the 2021 Meeting.

An exhibition curated by Casa Testori, designed not to talk about Pasolini, but to listen to him speaking as an intellectual whose writing, thinking, filming, debating has always been marked by a deep wound. One might think that this was a personal injury. But, as a matter of fact, if Pasolini is still such a living word that burns even almost 50 years later, it is because, by destiny, he had taken on a collective wound.

Support the construction of the Meeting and receive a delicious bottle of Sangiovese wine as a gift! This exhibition will also be realized thanks to your help!

We look forward to seeing you on April 28th for the third “Meeting Foretaste” and we remind you of the appointment with the preview event “Meet The Meeting - towards Meeting 2021” on Saturday May 15th at 6.30pm live on the web from the Rimini Fair Centre. DON’T MISS OUT!