Word transmission


‘Human beings first communicated among themselves using their hands, their faces and their eyes; subsequently a system of sounds and words made communication more complete. Another solution was to record information directly on stone, then paper. Ever since the last century, science has provided mankind with more and more sophisticated instruments to communicate across vast distances and store information. The exhibition centres around the evolution of information transmission during the last century. By means of panels, photos and historical instruments in perfect working order, it illustrates the most important stages in the evolution of means of word (and gesture) communication right up to the current transistor and integrated circuit era. The exhibition represents a journey through communication development: from the telegraph as the first means of communication in real time, the phonograph with records where the sounds were read by a steel needle and were recorded on wax, up to the great discoveries of air and vacuum as means of transmitting signals by electromagnetic waves. This evolution represented a starting point out of which was born the possibility of long-distance transmission not only of the voice, and word, but also of gestures and facts through images – in a word, television. Most of the material on show comes from the “Scuola Francescana di Elettrotecnica & Elettronica P. EGIDIO of Marghera (Venice).” Father Egidio Gelain founded this school over 40 years ago. His work was carried on by Father Ruggero Nuvola and then, after his death in 1984, by a group of young post-graduates and electronic engineers who took over the school with the idea of organizing professional courses for youngsters.’


23 Agosto 1986 - 30 Agosto 1986


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