Um Céu no chão. A sky on earth. The morro samba


By Pier Luigi Bernareggi, Rosa Brambilla.
With the cooperation of Kika Antunes, Marcela Bertelli, Anna Zamboni.

This exhibition was devised with the desire to make known to all the true heart of the favela and the inner beauty of its people, generally associated with the image of poverty.
The favela is a place where values are preserved and within which develops its own particular culture.
From the favela flows the samba, the samba-song, the marcia-rancho, the baiao and the maracatù, fascinating jewels of popular music: it is striking that exactly from those huts blossoms a poetic beauty interwoven with the sufferance of a people. Each of the favelados presents an individual personality; each has his individual face marked by his own distinct pain. The fierce fight for every minute of life conquered from a multitude of environmental difficulties, has rendered every favelados a master in the refined and dangerous art of survival.
He does not hide this acquired skill, but rather he expresses and generously donates it to the world through poetry and music. The exhibition’s goal is to accompany the visitor within the true life of the favela so as to encounter a reality which goes beyond what is visible to the naked eye and the samba is its most beautiful expression.
Every room has been conceived in such a way as to convey the stages of this artistic miracle, which, born as an expression of the conscience of its people, accompanies it in all of life’s moments from the more joyful to those of extreme pain.
The introduction, which together with the conclusion, helps to assimilate the full significance of the exhibition, proposes an analogy between the rhythm of heartbeat and the rhythm of all samba instruments. This analogy is acoustically presented; the heart, in fact, exalts and sustains life, but only those who are sensitive to life’s reality can hear its vital beat; such is the samba for its people, born in the favela, it expresses the entirety of human richness and the beauty enclosed within. In the conclusion the visitor is drawn to reflect upon the journey undertaken to understand how the samba, from its beginnings, expresses the dignity of true human experience and affirms a total expression of humanity.
The heart reaches a stage in which it no longer has words for expression, but it self-expresses, and this is manifested in the samba verse when signing “laiàlaià”: just a sound, almost without words which vibrates in the air, infinitely. So the journey through this exhibition not only presents the story of samba music, but also explores our heart in its exaltation of life.


22 Agosto 2010 - 28 Agosto 2010




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