The possible abode


In the social and cultural context of the contemporary world it seams prevail a model of relationships frail, almost at a predetermined time, and functional to a particular; there do not seam to be anymore spaces and points of support for whom is weaker or less “normal”.
The exhibition intends to document how, even in this context, the family may constitute a field for sharing, even more when it knows the reasons for this sharing.
There it is shown the story of a work, “Famiglie per l’accoglienza”, association sprang twenty years ago in Milan among a group of families that pacticed family hospitality. Precise steps have signed their path: the awareness and experience of a supreme positivity which invests life. “Someone has looked on us with gratuity and the certainty of being loved has become a dynamic onto reality which makes embrace all”.
The story of the Association has been the development of a company that has supported and recalled this conscience, allowing the liberty of many to make happen a love that seemed impossible, an embrace without conditions to the other: This occurrance is the only abode for men today.
Today the Association groups some 3000 families, mostly in Italy, yet also in Spain and in Switzerland. Beside adoption and entrusing, there are families that pracice the hosting of the young in difficulties, adults with problems, people that assist outdoor parents in severe illness, single mothers, elderly, students.
If this work answers to a need ever larger and more spred today, it is allocated within a dynamism of charity which has characterised the whole story of the Church: from the hospitality practiced in medieval monasteries, in the hospitals, fron the solidarity simple but daily of christian communities that aided the poor, the foreigner or the abandoned child, to the heroic gestures of dedition and service to the more needy by the hand of saints and laics (possibly little known) In the last years, the magisteracy of the Church, in particular that of John Paul II, has made itself richer and moreinsistant in recalling the gretness of the vocation of the christian families, lightful sign of God’s love, protagonist of the future of humanity.
Beside this route in recent and earlier history and in the teaching of the Church, the exhibit offers the wealth of today through the telling of experiences, born and grown in diverse ecclesistical fields, from Italy to Spain, form Sierra Lyon to Canada.


18 Agosto 2002 - 24 Agosto 2002


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