The City In The City. A Simple Communion’s Story


With the collaboration of Marco Bona Castellotti and Alberto Savorana

An occurrence gave rise to a story which, over recent years, has developed in a very unexpected way.

The exhibition “La città nella città: una storia di semplice comunione” intends describing and documenting that which the Mystery did at Cometa in the certainty that this work would literally not be here if the meeting with Don Giussani had not occurred.

This experience of communion was in fact born and did in fact grow inside a constant and determined comparison which also meant concrete aid with specific corrections that have become very important working points.

The truth of Cometa experience reaches the eyes and heart through the simplicity and beauty of everyday life.

Cometa testifies the absolute coincidence between development, the increase of the self and the answer to the provocations that life presents.

Faithfulness of encounter has always meant letting yourself be changed in a moment, confidence that truth will come in a determined and desired comparison, because no man entrusts his commitment to God.

Up to the indication of the city in the city, a place without borders where life is a simple chain of common constructive events so that it fills with His Presence and where the meeting between human beings testifies to the certainly in a common good; the invitation of Don Giussani to extend spaces and join up as families and among families so the city in the city expands and the promise of encountering good reaches everyone.

Cometa is a reality to be met, a place where you meet with a clear proposal, where welcome and education first of all represent an inseparable binomial; the simplicity of a communion experience which is such because it acknowledges that communion is liberation and that at the centre of life is Jesus Christ, born, dead and resurrected.


19 Agosto 2007 - 25 Agosto 2007




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