Religiousness and politics in the frescoes of the ‘Brancacci Chapel


‘The exhibition is composed of 58 colour photos illustrating the restoration of the Brancacci Chapel in the Church the of the Carmine in Florance, from the stages of scientific analysis to the work project, right up to completion. The panels illustrate episodes of the History of St. Peter by Masolino, Masaccio and Filippino Lippi from the historical, religious and political point of view with a precise aesthetical, critical and technical analysis of the works of the three artists. The frescoes were commissioned by Felice Brancacci, a silk merchant, consul of the sea and ambassador to the Florentine Republic. This chapel was consecrated in 1422 four years before the death of Masaccio. There is no need to repeat the enormous importance of this cycle of paintings for the development of Italian art as a whole. The exhibition aims rather at giving visitors a chance for a more meditated and detailed view of the works. The captions and scientific-documentary material reassumes the basic check-up operations planned and implemented by the Central Restoration Institute directed by Umberto Baldini after it was observed that the frescoes in the chapel were fast deteriorating. Work also invested the entire structural complex of the chapel.’


24 Agosto 1991 - 31 Agosto 1991




Agorà C1 (Area CdO)
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