At 25 years after the death of the spanish guitarist, one of his brightest students, Piero Bonaguri, pays tribute to one of the greatest musicians of the twentieth century with a live concert.


It has been 25 years since the death of Andrés Segovia, one of the greatest concert performers of the 20th century. Segovia was known and admired by Stravinsky, Ravel, De Falla, and Picasso, and his name is indissolubly linked to the revaluation of the guitar as a “noble” concert instrument. He is one of the few guitarists to have entered into the collective imagination.
On the anniversary of his death, Piero Bonaguri, one of his most brilliant students, proposes a concert that aims to pay tribute to this great artist.
“I met him, and I was his disciple after many others, only at the end of his long life, but the encounter with him left its mark… Some things that he said – and that he testified, making music – remain points of reference for me,” explains Bonaguri, citing some of the phrases of his teacher: “Performance, like life, must be an explosion of freedom,” “The instruments are only islands, but the music is an ocean,” “The artist is a man like all the others, and he should never fall in love with himself. He would lose something irremediably… Like the others, but with a marvelous gift – and because of this gift, he must always be close to every other man.”
This “Tribute to Segovia” will present some renowned pages from Segovia’s musical repertoire, along with several new pieces that Maestro Bonaguri wrote together with other composer friends, continuing that most important tradition that Segovia himself began: the systematic collaboration with contemporaneous composers in order to enrich the guitar repertoire with new works.
This event will be more than a concert: the musical pieces played will be associated with quotes from some fundamental themes of Segovia’s work and artistic thought, drawn from his own statements in his autobiography, letters, and interviews.


20 Agosto 2012






Teatro D2 Frecciarossa 1000