For one only. History of evangelisation in Burma


‘The exhibition ‘For one only. History of evangelisation in Burma’ narrates the singular history of the evangelisation of the Burmese Empire, now Union of Myanmar, from the 18th to the 20th centuries. An adventurous history, rich in episodes that have given shape to a lasting Christian presence with specific characteristics. A history dotted with great missionary, pioneer and saintly figures who spent their lives in this fascinating corner of the world, on the borders of indo-European culture, the crossroads of many different ethnic groups. The main part of the story highlights how the Christian concept of mission gravitates around the passion for mankind and its cultures. A never abstract humanity – life can be spent for just a few people, or even for just one, in order for Christ to be recognised and loved, even by that one person alone. In a land where evangelisation cannot be measured in terms of statistics, the fact that the missionary is an instrument in the hands of God becomes even more evident: the task entrusted to him is to make Him present to those He wishes to meet.’


20 Agosto 2000 - 26 Agosto 2000


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