Enviromental art


‘The exhibition proposes two artists belonging to that group of Los An-geles artists who, between 1965 and 1975, developed an art-form which makes use of space and light as instruments of expression. Turrell, anomalous artist, financier himself of his art, uses as raw material for his work light and space. His most daring work is the transfor-mation of a volcanic crater in Arizona, which has become a place of magic, where the sky and the earth meet and merge, cancelling the constrictions of spatial relationships. Irwin started, in the mid – ‘sixties’, a systematic study of perception; what we see, how we see it and, seeing, what we understand. In fact, as Irwin notes, we do not see things, we see instead our thoughts; memory prevails on the information which our nervous system tran-smits to us from the world outside.’


22 Agosto 1987 - 29 Agosto 1987


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