"COME UNA SPECIE DI SORRISO" Homage to Fabrizio De André - Meeting di Rimini

“COME UNA SPECIE DI SORRISO” Homage to Fabrizio De André

Neri Marcorè with GnuQuartet: Stefano Cabrera, cello, Roberto Izzo, violin, Raffaele Rebaudengo, viola, Francesca Rapetti, flute. Singers: Flavia Barbacetto, Angelica Dettori. Arrangement and orchestration: Stefano Cabrera


A multifaceted artist, respected as an actor of the cinema, stage, and television, and a quartet with a unique instrumental grouping (cello, violin, flute, viola) celebrate one of the greatest italian singer-songwriter, starting from the verse of one of his most songs, “Il pescatore”.

In Come una specia di sorriso there is the Fabrizio De Andrè, and the less known Neri Marcorè, in the clothing of the singer and guitarist. The De Andre that everyone loves.
A repertoire enhanced by the sophisticated arrangements of Stefano Cabrera (GnuQuartet) that will fascinate the audience in an exciting musical journey towards the immortal verses of the great Faber.


21 Agosto 2017






Arena Spettacoli Unipolsai D3