"The history of natural science could be summarised as the development of an increasingly acute sight to observe a universe where there is always something new to spot".

Once again, this year the Meeting will host an area dedicated to science, curated by the Euresis Association and Camplus, which aims at revealing the role of image in scientific knowledge.

Indeed, Teilhard de Chardin's words describe a fundamental dynamic of the scientific process as such, which is based on our tendency to generate increasingly accurate images of reality. In the special area called “IN OCULIS FACTA - THE ROLE OF IMAGE IN SCIENTIFIC KNOWLEDGE”, visitors will thus be invited to look at reality in the same way as scientists do.

This will be possible thanks to a special exhibition featuring two main areas of investigation: the universe, from the micro to the macrocosm and the complexity of the human body. A third area of investigation will focus on the evolution of scientific images throughout history.

There will also be a conference arena featuring several talks.

The exhibition curators will illustrate the selected images on display according to an agenda that will be updated daily during the Meeting’s week.

Twice a day there will be in-depth discussion moments with the speakers of the Meetings’ general programme* and with other major experts and researchers, also from non-scientific disciplines, who, for various reasons, have significant experience in professional and personal terms on themes relating to the exhibition topic.

*The Meeting’s general programme features three scientific conferences.



Venerdì 20 agosto 2021
Ore 18.00

Judit Gervain, professoressa di Psicologia dello Sviluppo, Neuroscienze dello Sviluppo, Acquisizione del Linguaggio, Università degli Studi di Padova