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Sustainable development and food security

CHIEAM BARI: from the Mediterranean to the periphery of the world

CIHEAM Bari is the Italian headquarters of the intergovernmental organization CIHEAM (Centre International de Hautes études Agronomiques Mediterranéennes), gathering 13 Mediterranean countries. Established in 1962, CIHEAM Bari is a Center for post-graduate higher education, applied research and development cooperation. All the activities of CIHEAM Bari concern issues linked to sustainable agriculture and fisheries. CIHEAM Bari works in more than 20 Mediterranean and African countries and has hundreds of partnerships with institutions, academia, civil society and enterprises located in various countries.


CIHEAM BARI FROM THE SKY. Flying over the headquarters of the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute CIHEAM Bari with headquarters in Puglia, for a global vision of the HQ where the main activities for the sustainable development of the Mediterranean are carried out.


VOICES FROM RAQQA, SYRIA. The video, part of the "Strengthening of Raqqa Local Administrations to support the Rural Community" Project, funded by the Italian Cooperation and implemented by CIHEAM BARI, tells us the story of Mahmoud Mousa Abbas, beneficiary of the initiative. Mahmoud is 60 years old and father of 5 children. Like many others, he abandoned agricultural activities when his land was overwhelmed by the effects of the war and the presence of ISIS. After the liberation of the city of Raqqa in 2017, Mahmoud began, step by step, to rebuild his life and take back care of his fields.


Young people and women are the mains protagonists of the "NEMO" project funded by the Italian Cooperation and implemented by CIHEAM BARI. Together we are working to strengthen coastal production sectors and capabilities for sustainable coastal planning in Tunisia.


The role of women in some rural areas of Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine and Egypt is fundamental for entire local communities. A series of pilot initiatives financed by the Cooperation and implemented by CIHEAM BARI to promote a multidimensional empowerment approach and strengthen the capacity of partner institutions on gender policies.


The video of the "Agriculture and Livestock Support for Syrian People" Project, financed by the Italian Cooperation and performed by CIHEAM Bari, tells us about the conflict and the path to peace through the hands-free voice of the women who, thanks to the Project, have gathered in associations for the start-up of business activities related to agriculture. The video is about the difficulties of women who, due to the conflict, found themselves alone in managing family unit and farms.


The video of the "Inclusive and Sustainable Agriculture Value Chain Development in Oromia" Project, funded by the Italian Cooperation in Ethiopia, talks about the experience of the "community conversation" and the repercussions on the health of the local community (adoption of a healthy diet ) and family habits, affecting the overall quality of life. See how men and women of the village, who previously had very rigid and separate roles, now share the choices related to family management and their income.


STORIES FROM RAQQA, SYRIA. The video, made within the project "Strengthening of Local Administrations of Raqqa to support the Rural Community", financed by the Italian Cooperation, tells us the story of Aboud Al-Sabah, beneficiary of the initiative. Aboud has been a breeder for ten years and is happy to own a considerable number of cows. He comes from a small village in the Al-Raqqa province, where he lives with his children and his wife. In total, twelve are in the family. For Aboud, breeding is part of its identity and its historical and cultural heritage. Her animals, especially her cows, are a source of satisfaction and happiness.

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