WHAT? Machines that learn

Curated by Euresis Association and Camplus


Machines that walk, that talk, and that could soon substitute man in many occupations. It isn’t science fiction but a new challenge that is becoming more and more real, opening up serious possibilities and many questions.

Machines now learn many human actions. But in what sense do they “learn”? A question that compels us to examine in depth that which is irreducibly human.

The space will open up with a video that introduces the topic and establishes at the center of the theme the debate between man and the machine. Some thematic corners will then help the visitor to understand the fundamental aspects of machine/deep learning, making the parallel between different learning processes of man and machines and suggesting points of view and quotes that permit us to enter into the mystery of this paragon.

The focus, therefore, will not be in general automation, robotics, or artificial intelligence, but, above all, the description of the learning processes and the properties of these processes in human beings, coming from experience. Moreover, every day there will be encounters and debates with experts on the materials that will be confronted by the visitors to gather provocations, suggestions, contradictions, and questions.