The fall of the Berlin Wall had left us with a legacy of an open world, a horizon without obstacles, a new space with many possibilities. However, not only had the walls not disappeared completely (it is enough to think to those of Nicosia, Cyprus), but they returned yet more numerous than before.

Why? What was that legacy? On what roads are we traveling now?
Inside an interactive place dedicated to the theme, we will go to discover the present world, dialoguing every day with experts and witnesses with the help of books, maps, photographs, and video.

Screenings, presentations, and in-depth analysis in order to understand this dense period of changes, tumult, and opportunity.

Every day, inside the dedicated space, news reports will be shown and moments of dialogue will be held on current events, of cultural and historical protagonists of current geopolitical problems.

Area curated by:
Monica Maggioni
Paolo Magri