1982 Edition


The resources of man

Mankind needs to rediscover things and experiences, facts and testimonies that permit, in the current situation, reiterating and experimenting that being human beings is possible; that building the world and one’s identity in history is possible. In other words, it is possible to rise again from the barbarity not only of our society but of the world as a whole, to rise again from war, from injustice, from the inhuman conditions of life. These topics will be aired at Meeting ’82 and attention will centre on the resources of man, by encountering men and women: the protagonists of contemporary figurative art, along with great spiritual masters; the leading exponents of world economy, face to face with those who testify total and gratuitous service in favour of human beings, the poor and outcasts. Men and women who will not talk of crisis, but of work, the family, art, technology and economics; men and women who will meet to testify to the world as a whole that, if life is an unrenounceable asset, then living like human beings is an insuppressible right.